This is a list of skills and experience that Bryan Hammond possesses at either a professional or very high level, and can therefore speak confidently about.  With this foundation of world-knowledge, there’s certainly a high probability that he has a good understanding of your product or service too.  Confidence sells.   Confidence draws a listener in.  Bryan Hammond has the confidence you’re looking for to successfully perform your voice over.
you found your voice ®

  • On-Camera Actor  / 10 years in Hollywood, TV, film, industrial videos
  • Electric Power Grid / Nationally certified Reliability Coordinator, the grid’s highest authority
  • Renewable Energy / Expert
  • Biology / UC Irvine (medical, pharmaceutical, health, longevity, etc.)
  • Environmental Ecology / UC Irvine
  • Musician / Professional drummer since age 13
  • Sailing /  Taught ocean sailing on racing yachts up to 65 feet in length
  • Scuba Diving / Divemaster
  • Snow Skiing / Downhill, up to black diamond
  • Tennis / Tournament player, 4.5 level
  • Martial Arts / Shotokan Karate
  • Kayaking / Recreational kayaker
  • Firearms / General and tactical training
  • Motorcycles / Extensive street experience, motocross racer
  • Car Racing / GTO, GTU and Formula Ford experience

* Available for union and non-union work

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